Meet Our Pastors and Volunteers




Senior Pastors Craig and BeKay Cook

We are blessed at SLF to have Senior Pastors Craig and BeKay Cook as our Shepherds!  They love God with all their hearts, and are sincere in ministry and the call that God has placed upon their lives.  They believe in flowing in the gifts of the Spirit and allowing the Holy Ghost to lead them at all times. They believe in teaching others to flow in these gifts as well and encourage them to fulfill the call God has on their lives.  They have a heart for those around them and strive to win the lost for Jesus by not only speaking to them, but living their lives in such a way that Jesus shines through them everyday.  They are both active members of the Praise and Worship Team, and BeKay also serves as the Vice President of the Ladies Ministry, as well as, helps teach the Adult Sunday School Class.  They are originally from Wyoming County, WV and moved here in 2007 to become the Pastors of SLF.  They have been married for 34 years, and have 2 sons, 2 daughter in-laws, 3 grandsons, and 1 granddaughter. 




Associate Pastors Jim and Crystal Fershee

Pastors Jim and Crystal love God and strive to serve Him in everything they do.  Pastor Jim wears many different hats at SLF.  He serves on the Church  Board and is head of Missions and can also be found in the soundbooth on Sundays and Thursdays.  Crystal also serves in many different capacities.  She volunteers as the Pastor's Secretary, is an active member of the Praise Team, assists in teaching Childrens Church, and volunteers in the nursery.  They have been married for 15 years and love to spend time with their 2 children, ages 11 and 13.  



Dr. Linda Withrow

Dr. Linda Withrow was raised in a traditional church in Charleston, WV.  She gave her heart to JESUS at the early age of nine. At fifteen, she realized there was more to church than just attendance, so she recommitted her life to God and began teaching His Word in her local church.  In 1985, a great change took place, the Baptism in the Holy SPIRIT. This change caused her to refocus her life in a new direction. With this change came a new ministry, “My Father’s Business, Inc.", where the Word of GOD was taken to churches in Revivals for adults and a separate ministry for children. Dr. Linda received a Bachelor’s Degree in Ministry from Christian Leadership University in NY, and a Doctorate of Divinity Degree from Shining Light Bible College in Charleston, WV, where she became the Vice President, Dean of Education and Professor for three years. In 2009 she became a Certified Confidence Coach with Confidence Coaching Association in Spring Hill, FL. under the leadership of Keith Johnson. The following year, Dr. Linda authored a book, “Prayers of Authority”, to help people know how to pray effective prayers. Currently, Dr. Linda is a 5-Fold Teacher at Spirit Life Fellowship Church. 



Earl and Trish Anderson

Earl and Trish Anderson have been serving God for many years and seek to see His will done in their lives and those around them.  Earl is head of Security, head of the Finance Department, and Vice President of the Church Board.  Trish is the Director of the Praise Team, nursery volunteer, assists with children's church when needed, and assists in keeping the Church's Facebook page up to date.  They currently reside in Charleston, WV and are happily married, and have 2 sons, 2 daughters, 2 grandsons, and 1 granddaughter.  They are also actively involved in Road Riders for Jesus, Chapter 23, which is an International Motorcycle Ministry based out of Hillsboro, Missouri.  Earl serves as the president and Trish serves as the secretary.  Together, and as a chapter, they strive to minister throughout the community sharing Jesus.




Patricia (Pat) Kail

Pat Kail loves to serve God by serving others.  She is head of our Hospitality Ministry, as well as the President of our Ladies Ministry, she also teaches the Teen Sunday School Class.  She and her husband, Buzzy, have been married for 41 years and love to spend time with their 2 sons, 2 daughter in-laws, and 3 grandchildren. They enjoy spending time with their dogs that are like their own children, as well as their grand-doggies.