Activities Page

   October seems to be keeping us all busy.  We had Pastor Apperication on Sunday, Oct. 13th with a dinner afterwards.  We honored Senior Pastor Craig Cook,  Associate Pastor Jim Fershee, and Youth Minister Mindy McGrew.  Earlier in the month we honored the First Ladies with a dinner, flowers and gift cards.  We appericate all the hard work that our Pastors and ministers do at Spirit Life Fellowship.  

We are finally getting back to some normacy after the lighting hit the building and took out our computer, sound board and some other things.  Nick Cook has been working hard to get things up and running again, and Several of men along with Earl Anderson has been moving rooms around and getting things set back up.  Thank You .

  We also got the Hand rails up going up the steps into the stage and choir area.  Thank you Doug Hill for taking your time out to do that. 

On the 26th and 27th we are having a Ladies Conference Walking in Authority from Garden to Glory with Guest Speakers Mindy McGrew, Trish Anderson, and Crystal Fershee,  With Special singing by Denise Linville. Lunch will be provided on Saturday.   There will be drawings for Door Prizes .  

Then on October the 28th on a Sunday Evening the Church will be sending 4 or 5 Ladies to make dinner and serve it to SoJourners Women Shelter in Charleston.  We are to be his hands extended.  Mary Fitgerald is heading up this event.

Another special thing is that Maril daughter of Jim and Crystal Fershee one of our youth has a vision to set up a giveaway for children..Our Pastor is encouraging everyone to get behind her and help make this vision come to fulfillment. We need NEW Toys and clothes, and possibly food for those in need.  See Crystal and Maril about how you can help.