Friday, 13 September 2013
Be Ye Holy
When I was asked to write an article for the web blog, I said sure, even though I didn’t have a clue what a blog consists of, seeing as I have no access to the web. But the Word of God says to be instant in season and out of season. Writing a blog isn’t really a hard or major thing. It could and should be a blessing – something every one of us should get to experience. What am I talking about? Most everyone is doing a blog these days on cell phones, laptops and home computers.

It is pleasing to me to see the hand of the Lord at work in our lives, all our lives, and the wisdom that He has given man to invent some this day’s instruments. It really amazes me, and finding time to use most of the day’s inventions is not really hard for most people. What’s really hard for them is to find time to read His Word, or maybe to witness, or hey -- how about praying? Or fasting, seeking His face? Or how about something that is really rewarding to do, more than these games the world has gotten caught up in – Playstation, Wii, Xbox and others.

My grandson has a Playstation and if I am at a yard sale, I find games for him from time to time that I believe he would enjoy playing. But when asked if they are games for an adult or not, I have no clue. I am sure that I probably picked some that were way too hard for a four year old to cut his teeth on. But what they really meant by the question was:  are they “adult”? There really is so much trash on some of these games, and I am most sure that God was not behind the influence of the making of them. All good things come down from the Father of Light.

But with my four year old grandson, what really blesses me the most is to talk to him. Instead of talking about this game or that game, he tells me of this fish or that fish he has caught and sometimes of Jesus, or heaven where Jesus is. Sometimes he sings me a “Jesus song” as he calls them. To me these are important things, more than games, more than material contents. It’s about seeking the Lord’s face and not His hand; coming into His presence; reading His Word to see how one should live and teach our children to live in all His ways.

There is so much to be consumed within this world today. Temptations are on every corner – the best thing to do is stay off those corners! “Be ye holy, for I am holy,” says the Lord our God (1 Peter 1:16). Come out of the world and be separate. We’re in the world, but not of the world – just passing through.

It is so sad to see the world in the shape it is in and it will only wax worse. But if we keep our eyes on Jesus and run this race to the end, He and Heaven shall be our reward. But if we faint or can’t let go of the things of the world, we shall surely die. What is death? What is life? To live your life in misery and in sickness, with no blessing to look forward to at all would be death to me. But to die a sinner without ever knowing the Lord Jesus and all He had done to save you from sin and death and hell would be sudden death. No overtime in that type of death – so sad.

There’s a song that the Lord had given me in 2008 that really was and is a blessing to me still yet. And one part of that song I would like to share with you:

Now you hear how times a ending and His appearing is at hand,
But in sin you stand a doubting he could ever be your friend,
But His grace is all sufficient, this you just can’t understand,
All your sins can be forgiven by the blood of this one man.
So to know Jesus, and to walk with Him, and let Him be your guide,
To love on Him with praise and prayer and worship,
To die then my friends would be gain,
Because then, my friends, all heaven shall be your reward.

Be ye holy, for I am holy.

These aren’t just words – they are a way of life we’re asked to live for the glory of the Lord. So with all that is within us, let us live according to His Word and will. God bless you!

Robert Fauber is a licensed minister through Spirit Life Fellowship. He is the Sunday School Superintendent and a member of the Praise & Worship Team.
Posted on 09/13/2013 8:30 AM by Robert Fauber
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