Looking for a great group to be included in?  Come and join us on Thursday nights beginning at 7pm in the Activity Building.  Our Youth Group is led by John and April Truman (pictured below with their two kids, Gage and Aspen.)  We have praise and worship (sometimes Karaoke style!), learn about Jesus, and fellowship with each other through games and fun activities - and sometimes pizza parties!!  Keep reading below to learn why we love our kids and what Jesus says about them.  



Jesus tells us plainly to allow the children to come to Him and we take that seriously. (Luke 18:16) They are vital to the body of Christ and can be used by God just like adults can.  We love kids and believe in including them in everything from our worship services to our classrooms (and everything in between). We welcome children with and without disabilities (we currently have a child in a wheelchair and one with autism).  

We understand that children learn differently and we need to get on their level, even if that means acting silly!.  We believe in the importance of teaching them from the Bible on a level they can understand.  Here are just a few things we feel are very important for them to know as they grow into the person God has created them to be: 

*How to lead someone to Christ

*How to be bold for Christ, even when in school

*Teaching them how to pray, whether alone, with family or corporately in a church setting

*How to pray for others when they have a need 

*How to study the Bible

*What faith is and why it's important

*About the Holy Ghost and who He is

*Respecting God and putting Him first in everything


We hope to see you soon! :)